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Those who came before you. Respect your elders

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Glenn Petersen


Glenn is a Mechanical Engineering student from Corvallis, OR and enjoys toast conventions. He is also afraid of water. When Glenn isn't in class he usually takes the edge off with some nice homework. As of now, Glenn's favorite trail lives in Oregon and goes by the name "The Plunge". However, after being bike-less for three years, he looks forward to tearing up the central coast in search for a new favorite!

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Shaw Hawkeye Hughes

Vice President

Shaw is a Mechanical Engineering student. When he isn't studying, he is probably in the machine shop or riding his bike. His hobbies include exploring the outdoors, woodworking, skiing, lutherie, and bikepacking. His favorite trail is Captain Ahab in Moab, UT. 

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Kevin Pauls (a.k.a. High Fructose Corn Syrup)


Kevin is a Mechanical Engineering student from Simi Valley, CA. When Kevin isn't drawing FBD's, he enjoys BMX racing, cooking Velveeta shells at 2am, and selling propane and propane accessories (strangely intriguing...). If it sounds like a AV-8A Harrier is landing in your living room, don't be alarmed, it is probably just Kevin snoring. Kevin's favorite BMX racetrack to rip on is Music City BMX in Nashville. 

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Patrick Wiseman

Manufacturing Lead

Patrick is a 4th year Manufacturing Engineering Student from Sacramento, CA. If you're looking for Patrick, you'll most likely find him in one of the machine shops on campus talking to the machine tools. The guy not only builds bikes but can also construct a mean nightstand. He claims he has yet to ride his favorite trail but remains optimistic.

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Kellen Andrew

Social Coordinator/Webmaster

Kellen is a 4th year Aerospace Engineering student from San Diego, CA. In his free time he enjoys making pottery, rock climbing, bikepacking, and building bikes that are too tall. His favorite trail is "Mailboxes" in Wilder Ranch

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Miles Curtis

El Presidente

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Sara Passantino

Sponsorship Coordinator

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Martin Kamme


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Greg Ritter

El Presidente

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Chris Fedor

Manufacturing Lead

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Michael Wu

Carbon Expert/Club Photographer

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Ethan Fedor

Club Dad

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Ernesto Huerta

Media Coordinator

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Ernesto Huerta

Media Coordinator

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Dario DiGiulio

Club Mechanic


Wyatt Hall

Bicycle Aficionado

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