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Greg Ritter.jpg

Greg Ritter

El Presidente

Greg is a 5th year Mechanical Engineering major. When he is not in class he spends his time in the shop working on his car, a bike or building some other crazy idea he had. He likes to ride mountain, road and cyclocross bikes. His favorite trail is Doudy Draw Loop in Boulder, CO.

Michael Wu.jpg

Michael Wu

Carbon Expert/Club Photographer

Michael is a 5th year Mechanical Engineering student who is the club carbon expert. He has built a carbon and bamboo bike in his garage and has worked at Specialized in the Carbon Department. He loves carbon more than he loves bikes. His favorite trail is the short track course at the UCSC Shreditation Retreat where he dislocated his shoulder and did't get last.

Ethan Fedor.jpg

Ethan Fedor

Club Daddy

Ethan is a recent grad in Mechanical Engineering. In his free time, he enjoys long walks on the beach and skipping through fields of daisies. He likes riding beach cruisers and he is secretly afraid of dirt. He also has a sweet beard.

Ernesto Huerta.jpg

Ernesto Huerta

Media Coordinator

Ernesto is a 5th year Mechanical Engineering major. In his free time he enjoys mountain biking, editing the website, and school. Ernesto’s favorite trail is Angry Pirate in Whistler, B.C.

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Dario DiGiulio

Club Mechanic

Dario is a 5th year Architecture student who originally joined the club when it was called frame builders because he thought we designed building frames. Now that we are bike builders he has been trying to leave the club but we will not let him. Being an Architecture student, he is a lover of fine wine and cheese. If you try to hand him a craft beer he will be offended. He also does not know how to ride a bike. He only writes with a quill pen.


Wyatt Hall

Bicycle Aficionado

PNW Ripper.