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COVID-19 Update

Due to the unfortunate circumstances surrounding COVID-19, we aren't able to continue normal club operations. The machine shops on campus have been restricted to very limited use by certain individuals excluding engineering clubs. Yes, that means we won't be building bikes in the immediate future. BUT... there's good news! We still have so much to share with you all. We're currently holding weekly meetings virtually via a Zoom session. These virtual meetings give us the opportunity to introduce new members to the process of bike building or get into the nitty gritty of design with seasoned members! I know this isn't the most optimal situation but our top priority is to ensure SLO is safe and healthy. Let's bear down and keep the bike stoke alive! Soon enough we'll be cutting tubes and striking arcs once again! 

Hope to see you all soon,

Kellen Andrew

Social Coordinator

P.S. To find more information on meetings, join our email list or Slack channel by going to the "Contact Us" Page.

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