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Sundays in the Hangar (Bldg. 04)

~1-4pm (usually)

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Come by the build days to work on club projects or your personal projects!

Brazing Bichael
Collin Lathing Away
Kellen & Olivier Dropin Some Braze
Build Day
Chris Fedor CNCing
Our Cage
Talking about CNC things
Club Daddy Filing Paperwork
Mitering Tubes
J-Rod Lyles Milling a Part
Shaw being Shaw
Up Close and Personal
Creation of Bichael
Hugo Chaves Sawing a Part
Jarod Milling
Prep for NAHBS 2019
Chris Fedor Doing Cool Stuff
Hangar Workday
Greg Demoing Mitering
Discussing Plans
Some More Mitering
Up Close and Personal
Wyatt Hall Dropping a Sweet Braze
Fethan Edor Mitering Tubes
Just a Couple of Bike Builders
Adam Evard Checking Crank Clearance
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