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  1. Scope

    1. The focus of Cal Poly Bike Builders is on building bicycle frames and components. This includes “electric bicycles” as defined in the California Vehicle Code. Building a “motorized bicycle” or “moped” or “motorcycle” is outside of approved CPBB activity.

    2. Bicycle riding is an inherently dangerous activity and use of bicycles, bicycle frames, and/or bicycle components built with CPBB equipment or purchased through CPBB is not within the scope of the Cal Poly Bike Builders organization. The Cal Poly Bike Builders IRA, CPBB student leadership, CPBB faculty advisor, and the ME department shall not be liable for activities beyond the outlined bylaws.

    3. Bicycle frame and component fabrication must take place in the Cal Poly Mechanical Engineering machine shops. No fabrication using CPBB equipment or for CPBB purposes can occur outside of these locations.

  2. Club Operations

    1. Equipment Use Procedures

      1. All students must have both red and yellow tags before using the equipment provided by the club.

      2. Club members should share their design and manufacture plan with at least one officer of the club before using CPBB equipment.

      3. The club owns a number of different jigs and equipment for mitering, welding, and brazing. Members will receive instructions from a senior member and demonstrate their ability to an officer before using jigs and other equipment from a senior member before using them. The club maintains documentation for member certification to ensure safe and responsible usage of club tools.

      4. To protect the longevity of our Anvil Journeyman 4, members should only TIG weld frames in this jig. Other jigs can be used for both TIG welding and brazing.

      5. Jigs are reservable by club members according to the hours listed on the CPBB website calendar. Members may also reserve jigs outside of the listed hours if a club officer and the machine shop hours can accommodate the students request. A club officer must always be present when club tools are being used by club members. Reservations are three hour long periods operating on a first-come, first-served basis. 

    2. Leadership Positions

      1. Current leadership roles include: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Manufacturing Lead, Workday Organizer, Safety Officer, Outreach and Sponsorship, Social Media Coordinator

      2. All leadership roles are filled via yearly board interviews that occur at the beginning of the Fall Quarter. The current leadership will vote on the officers for the following year. All are encouraged to apply.

    3. Discounted component purchases

      1. Active club members have access to the industry discounts and benefits maintained by the club Outreach and Sponsorship coordinator. We ask that club members do not reach out to companies on behalf of CPBB without prior approval.

      2. Components purchased through bike builders are to be used only on bikes built through the club. Components may be purchased once a member’s frame is ready for paint.

      3. For detailed information about purchasing discounted components, please contact the club Sponsorship Coordinator at

  3. Diversity and Inclusion

    1. Cal Poly Bike Builders aims to cultivate a supportive and friendly environment to empower everyone to build their own unique bicycle frame or bicycle related component. Fostering diversity brings creative and unique insights to the club’s mission and culture.

    2. There are no prerequisites to joining the club. The club resources, such as presentations and specific tools, are available to anyone who expresses an interest in the design, manufacturing, and function of bicycle related parts or who just have a passion for cycling overall. 

    3. The club functions under a mentorship model, where along with the provided resources, experienced club members present their personal insights and challenges on the bike building process to others. This mentorship model efficiently transfers knowledge while creating a tight knit community and lasting friendships beyond the club.

    4. The club officers host multiple weekly office hours, giving club members scheduling flexibility while allowing members to freely talk to officers in a more private environment about any topics ranging from club related matters to more personal subjects.

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